Previous TPSF games

  TPSF I – Feb 1, 2oo9

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On February 1st, 2009, Piedmont Park proudly hosted perhaps the most epic event in Atlanta’s history. Inspired by Donald Hatcher’s fashionable choice in mens wear, a | group of friends got together and did what some thought was impossible: they played football while wearing three-piece suits.

These extreme athletes came together for one afternoon of personal pain and sacrifice to drink beer and light each other up, in the hopes of starting a revolution… and getting drunk. They did not let the lack of port-o-potties or medical personnel stop them in their quest. They did not let the sight of Terrance the Pain Train deter them, either. They were individuals who for one afternoon put aside their statistics homework and showed up to live the dream.

Some say a second game of this magnitude could rip open the universe. Some say it could destroy the space time continuum. Some say, “See you next year, bitches.” It is to those glorious idiots who said the latter that this game was dedicated. May you recover swiftly from your injuries and get your minds right for the next time. Also, bring beer.

TPSF II — Feb 6, 2010

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The highTPSF II group copyly anticipated second installment of TPSF brought with it no lack of drama in a hard-hitting, thrilling game. It was this sequel that set the tone for the future theme of TPSF and the camaraderie that has been a fundamental component ever since. Waiting all year to play this game for a second time, these brave souls sought to recapture the magic of Piedmont Park from the prior year. However, this time, with more players in tow and a growing crowd, TPSF was quickly a much larger presence than any expected.

With the game starting in heated fashion, players from both teams of TPSF came together as the forces from above (read: Piedmont Parks Security) tried to put a halt on the game. Because of our large and finely-threaded presence, TPSF was forced to relocate mid-game despite the long-winded diatribe by Busby detailing the unimportant and clear abundance of grass at the park and paying particular emphasis to its propensity to regenerate quickly. The “man” wasn’t having it, and as such, TPSF and all its fans moved the game to Grant Park. It was here the epic battle, which started in Piedmont Park, was finished. Playing this game on the coldest TPSF to date saw numerous thrills and big plays as Dre “Tyson 50” West set the tone for the legends of the tailored gridiron by shedding his dapper attire and lighting the field up for numerous touchdowns and capturing the TPSF II MVP title

TPSF III | Feb , 2o11 

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| The third edition of TPSF brought with it the return of Terrence TWiggles” Wiggins and numerous new characters as well. New traditions were forged, including introductions” the night before and a theme song to set the tone for the I entire event. While the game was close during the first half, the likes of Denote and Joff proved to be too much for the other team as Austin and his crew of teammates ran away with the championship

| TPSF IV Feb , 2o12

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TPSF IV was much anticipated as it was preceded by an unprecedented level of hype, and the game did not disappoint. It was the closest game  in TPSF history (to date; see TPSF VI recap below), with Cameron’s crew winning by a touchdown. The victors rode the wave of TWiggs, Denote, and Hunter on to the win. With the introduction of the instantly coveted Champions Cup, the raising of over $4oo for the Wounded Warrior Project, and the attendance of nearly a hundred fans, TPSF was indeed taken to the next level at the 2o12 game.

TPSF V Feb 3, 2o13

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Following TPSF IV, there was much anticipation to see how the upward momentum would impact . Nearly 2oo spectators shuffled in through the gates to enjoy the spectacle of TPSF while helping to raise over $3,3oo to support United Military Care. This time the players wore colored headbands to better differentiate the teams for the sizable crowd. Blue vs. Red. In what may have been the most lopsided victory in TPSF history, the Blue team dug in, played team football, and came away with a 42-16 win. Their rookie player, Tim Jamison played hard on both sides of the ball coming up with 2 touchdown receptions and several big stops on defense. Tim’s performance won him , while Desi laid it all on the line to stop TWiggs, winning him the Got Lit Up trophy along the way. Overall, it was a successful afternoon of exciting football with Matador out serving free tacos, halftime entertainment, and good weather… Good times

TPSF VI, February 1, 2014 Recap

TPSF VI entire group FINAL

TPSF VI was a game of firsts in many regards. Because of the substantial growth of TPSF, for the first time in TPSF history, the game was played on Super Bowl Saturday, February 1st, 2014. Further, this was both the closest game and largest crowd in TPSF history! The Blue team defeated the Red team 21-18 holding off a late comeback by the Red team. Desi Ramos won the MVP award for the Blue team, scoring two touchdowns and catching an extra point, while making huge stops on defense as well! Michelle Mulberry received the “Got Lit Up” award for her courageous effort during the coin toss, while Shannan “Tiger” Edwards took home the Most Charitable award for her charitable efforts to support United Military Care. Finally, Tash won the Best Dressed Award by crowd voting with her black and white suit that resembled the new TPSF logo. With Monday Night Brewing in attendance pouring beer, and Frisbee dogs for the halftime show, the whole event was a huge success, all while raising over $5,000 to support United Military Care!



TPSF Boston Recap – May 31, 2014 (Using TPSF Boston Group Picture 5.31.2014.PNG)


On May 31st, 2014, TPSF launched its first chapter outside of Atlanta, taking the game to Bean town! Piloting the game in the spring at Hunnewell Park near the Charles River in Boston, 16 players came together to play a finely threaded football game to support Active Heroes. The Blue team came out victorious as all the players had a great time in this pilot game. The after party was held at the Last Drop and between the 50/50 raffle and gift card/prize raffle- TPSF Boston was able to raise $1,625 to support Active Heroes!



TPSF Boston November 2014 Recap (Using TPSF Boston Group Picture 11.2014.png)


After playing the initial pilot game in May, the TPSF Boston chapter decided that, in fitting more with the football and charity theme of TPSF, that the annual game would be held each November around Veteran’s Day. Again, the Boston crew played to support Active Heroes and their efforts to target and reduce factors that lead to veteran suicide. The Boston game was held at Cleveland Circle Park, near Boston College. Again, the Blue team came out victorious with Tony winning the “Man Up” MVP award for the Blue team making spectacular catches on both offense and defense! With a much larger audience in attendance at the game and After Party, TPSF Boston was able to raise over $2,000 to support Active Heroes at the game! Video highlights can be seen here!