We often get the question, “Where did this idea come from?!” Well, here is your answer:



Don Suit no drink with dateTPSF started in a way most great things do — by accident. On a cold December day in 2006, a noble, brave young man decided to go against the norms his friends had set forth by deciding to dust off his grandfather’s old three-piece suit from the 1930s for a friend’s birthday celebration. While first taken aback by this dapper individual’s decision to wear such a finely-threaded suit out to the bars, the friends began to admire and envy the matching vest, jacket and pants, as well as his coordinating tie.

First Football game post TPSF_1

Two days later, this same group of individuals went out and played a game of tackle football in a field littered with dog poop and other unidentifiable objects. With the memory of the dapper suit still fresh in their minds, one of those present proposed an idea, “Why don’t we play football in three-piece suits???