Understandably, one of the first questions we often get is, “Where did this idea come from?!” Well, here is your answer:



Don Suit no drink with dateTPSF started in a way most great things do — by accident. On a cold December day in 2006, a noble, brave young man (Donald) decided to go against the norms his friends had set forth, by deciding to dust off his grandfather’s vintage three-piece suit from the 1930s for his friend’s (Cameron) birthday celebration. While first taken aback by this dapper individual’s decision to wear such a finely-threaded suit out to the bars, the friends began to admire and later envy the matching vest, jacket and pants, as well as his coordinating tie.



First Football game post TPSF_1


Two days later, this same group of individuals went out and played a random game of tackle football in a field littered with dog poop and other unidentifiable objects. With the memory of the dapper suit still fresh in their minds, one of those present proposed an idea..


Why don’t we play football in three-piece suits???

Following the conclusion of their football game that day, these friends rang in the New Year together and after went their separate ways, with little discussion of football in three-piece suits again. To this day, it is still unclear as to who proposed the tailored football idea that would later form the glorious amalgam of the two themes of the events from that New Year’s weekend.

Unbeknownst to his friends, in the months that followed, Cameron continued to ponder the idea of what such a game would entail. He continued to envision both the hilarity of and entertainment value that a dapper game of tackle football would produce. Given the preposterous nature of such an idea, he felt that a game of that magnitude should be played during one of the biggest weekends in sports – Super Bowl Weekend. However, given his friends lack of further discussion of the events of that weekend, and for fear of ostracism for pursuing such an outlandish idea, he decided not to propose the three-piece suit football game for some time.

Fast forward to January 2009 and a little over two years since Donald wore his three-piece suit that glorious night. Several of these same friends, along with a new cast of characters, were out celebrating a friend’s birthday. With Super Bowl weekend looming in just a few weeks and fear that another opportunity to play the tailored football game would pass, Cameron finally built up the courage to propose the idea to those present. To his delightful surprise, not only did they agree to participate, they fully embraced the idea, which later launched the culture of TPSF.


TPSF I – February 1, 2009