Three Piece Suit Football (“TPSF”) is dedicated to celebrating the spirit and camaraderie of Football while also honoring the sacrifice and service of veterans and military families by playing a game of tackle football in three-piece suits. TPSF originated in 2009 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, and is now played at the Fourth Ward Skatepark Athletic Field, right on the BeltLine, Atlanta’s burgeoning urban multi-use trail! Historically, the game was played on Super Bowl Sunday, but TPSF VI saw the game move to the Saturday before the Super Bowl.  In 2014, TPSF was excited to have its first chapter outside of Atlanta, taking the dapper game to Boston. The annual TPSF Boston game is played each fall.

TPSF participates in service projects and hosts numerous other events throughout the year in order to build momentum toward the finely-threaded games each year. Be sure to check out our Events page to keep up with our upcoming events.

In sum, our organization seeks to foster a brotherhood and camaraderie amongst individuals who demonstrate the utmost respect for the game and each other, leave it all on the field, seek to have an enjoyable time, and raise awareness and monetary donations for charity. A legendary TPSF member demonstrates heart, respect, passion, and service for TPSF.