CHECK OUT our Coming Events for this year! We've got a lot of great things planned!

Coming Soon:
Flag Football game - November 15, 2014
12pm, Grant Park (just below the Rec Center)

Basketball Challenge - November 29, 2014

Flag Football game - early January 2015

TPSF VII (tackle football game) - January 31, 2015

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TPSF is proud to partner with United Military Care, a local non-profit organization that supports military families in Georgia, meeting needs such as emergency assistance (groceries, diapers, etc.), education, career counseling, and financial management. Click HERE to learn more about our charity endeavors.

GET INVOLVED!  If you are interested in our Events, Service Projects, or playing in the TPSF Game itself, let us know on our Contact page.
TPSF is proud to announce that the TPSF-Boston game will be held annually near Veteran's Day as we continue to support Active Heroes, aiding veterans and service members.  Come on out to Cassidy Park at Cleveland Circle on Saturday, November 8 to watch the game and support the charity!  Click HERE for more details, or contact us directly.

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Thank you to our sponsors for making TPSF VI possible!

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